Every Detail Matters

Our lab specializes solely on the creation of the Prettau® bridge, making us the best dental lab choice for your full-arch restoration cases. This allows us to focus all our time and energy into the crafting of this single product in ways that best serve both practices and other dental labs nationally. No matter what unique design the case requires, we will work hand-in-hand with you to deliver a customized restoration.

Each step of the process involved with full-arch bridges is important. That’s why we give every little detail, no matter how small, the attention it deserves to ensure that the finished product looks and feels perfect to the patient.


You won’t find assembly lines at our facility. Each step of our production process is seamless and efficient, without having to sacrifice the care and time necessary to produce the best full-arch restoration. The result is a beautiful bridge that is designed from the ground up to be a lasting and comfortable solution to the patient’s specific needs.

Our technicians are skilled craftsman who obsessively care just as much about producing a quality product as they do about the patient’s wellbeing. This positively impacts the finished products in ways mass produced solutions can’t match — there’s no substitute for that artisanal touch.


Not all full-arch restorations are created equal. The amount of options for full-arch restorations can be overwhelming for the discerning doctor and patient. Even compared to other zirconia restorations, Prettau® Zirconia is distinct in its superior aesthetics and natural translucency making its unique characteristics the optimal choice.

Our Prettau® Zirconia restoration stands alone. Each and every restoration produced by Teeth Tomorrow Dental Laboratory, from implants to occlusion, is designed with care and rigorous protocols. Teeth Tomorrow Dental Laboratory’s Prettau® Zirconia restorations are backed by the only five-year study of 2,039 arches with a 99.56% in-service success rate as published by the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry. Our restorations are a labor of love designed to last a lifetime.


Every patient who needs a full-arch restoration has their own specific set of expectations and needs. While this can be a tough needle to thread when it comes to less customizable options, our protocol is all-inclusive and easily adaptable.

Every case has different challenges and specifications to consider. That’s why we designed our manufacturing process around the need for customization. Our lab accommodates patients’ demands, staying in sync with you every step of the way so that any new challenge is handled quickly and effectively.

Our Process

We are proud to be Prettau® Bridge experts. By choosing to specialize solely in the creation of the Prettau® Bridge, we focus all our time, energy, and technical & design resources into streamlining the implementation of our single product to best serve our client practices and labs throughout the country.

If you are interested in learning more about the process that makes Teeth Tomorrow Dental Lab the best dental lab choice for your full-arch restoration cases, we have made available a step-by-step demonstration of the creation of our provisional bridge.

Watch Immediate Load Demonstration