Our World-Class Facility

Teeth Tomorrow Dental Laboratory operates the ONLY lab that is entirely dedicated to creating the Prettau® Zirconia Implant Bridge utilizing the comprehensive Zirkonzahn® System. We are the leading Prettau® Bridge Dental Laboratory in the USA! Every case moves seamlessly through our 5,000 square foot facility in West Hurley, NY under a set of robust and tested protocols: From our Case Entry Model Suite; to CAD CAM Design Studio; in to the Prettau® Milling Room, and; on to the Porcelain Hand-Finishing Stations. The extensive experience, expertise, and case successes of Dr. Michael Tischler have designed and continuously refine operations, making it easy for you to grow your practice with Prettau®.

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Our Investment in Your Success

We are proud to be known as the Prettau® Bridge experts. By choosing to specialize solely in the creation of the Prettau® Bridge, we can completely focus all our time, energy, and technical & design resources into streamlining the implementation of this single product in ways that best serve our client practices throughout the country. We are not only the only lab that creates full arch Prettau® restorations exclusively, but, more importantly, the only lab to deliver an over 99% success rate as detailed by our 5-Year Study of over 2,000 arches published by The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry.

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