Dental Implant Before & After Photos

View this sampling of Teeth Tomorrow Dental Lab’s dental implant before and after photos. Teeth Tomorrow Dental Laboratory has restored the smiles of thousands of patients with our Prettau® Zirconia full-arch (full mouth) dental implants.

Since 2012, over 4,603 Prettau® Zirconia full-arch bridges were produced and delivered by our lab to dental practices across the United States. Teeth Tomorrow Dental Lab’s full-arch dental implants are the ONLY full-arch dental implants backed by a 5-Year Study of 2,039 arches with a 99.56% in-service success rate as published by the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry.

Case: #4

  • Before
  • After

Case: #5

  • Before
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See how Teeth Tomorrow Dental Lab has changed the lives of patients by viewing our dental implant before and after photos above. We use a strong material called Prettau® Zirconia that is produced exclusively by Zirkozahn®; our industry partner. Unlike acrylic resin or porcelain, Prettau® Zirconia is a durable material that that is made to last a lifetime. You can see by the dental implant before and after photos our full-arch dental implants provide patients with a natural, easy to care for smile compared to traditional dentures.

About Prettau® Zirconia

Zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) (the base material for Prettau® Zirconia), is a compound that occurs in nature but has been used in the prosthetic dentistry for over ten years. It is a 100% biocompatible material that is stronger than acrylic or porcelain. We chose this material because it is easy to work with and helps us create a full-arch dental implant both patients and their dentists will feel confident about.

When reviewing the dental implant before and after photos you may notice that Teeth Tomorrow Dental Lab’s full-arch dental implants are designed and customized out of one solid block of Zirconia. We believe that Prettau® Zirconia is the best solution for full-arch dental implants because the material looks and feels natural due to its high translucency and durability.

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