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At the Teeth Tomorrow Dental Lab, we are here to support your practice and our resources will help you close more cases while also getting what your services are worth.

Our team can help you with:

  • Office Training
  • Treatment Planning
  • Patient Cost Objections
  • Internal and External Marketing
  • So Much More

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Amy Whitby – Team Trainer & Success Manager

We also have a network of vetted companies to help you market your services and offer solutions throughout your patient’s journey to get you more of the patients you want. Our dedicated support team will help find solutions to any challenges you, your team, and your office is facing. Amy Whitby, our Team Trainer & Success Manager, will offer you a complimentary sales and marketing consultation when you order from our lab.

Dental Lab Information & Marketing Tips

By working with our lab, your practice will be able to offer a permanent solution to major dental problems. Learn more about our process and how to present our Prettau® Zirconia bridges to your patients.

Why Prettau®?

The Prettau® Zirconia implant bridge, custom made by the Teeth Tomorrow Dental Lab, is the gold standard for full arch restorations in dentistry today.

How Our Prettau® Zirconia Implant Bridges Are Made!

Every detail matters, from first receiving your order to the final delivery. Learn more about our process and how we coordinate with you every step of the way for quality control.

Presenting Prettau® to Your Patients

Our dental implant bridge gets you more per case. It provides a competitive advantage and helps you achieve better full arch results. Amy offers advice on how to present this treatment to your patients and field pricing concerns in order to receive your worth.

Enhancing Your Patient’s Journey Guidebook

Download this guidebook full of useful information and tips to help you create a positive patient experience before, during, and after treatment.

Download Sales Collateral from our Dental Lab

While most companies just offer you a product, our dental lab will help you with all the tools and team support you will need to leverage the full potential of what our Prettau® Zirconia adds to your practice. Take advantage of the value you can now offer your patients to help position yourself as the authority in your market.

In-Office Video

Download this video to play for your patients in your office, on social media, or on your website.

Patient Brochures

Download our print-ready file to print your own Prettau® Zirconia trifold brochures for your patients.

Oral Systemic Connection

Download our print-ready file to print your own oral systemic connection resource for your patients to explain how neglecting oral health has a major influence on their overall health.

Treatment Options Guide

Download our print-ready file to show your patients a quick look at the most common smile options available to educate them about the pros and cons of each procedure to help you position your services.

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